All County II

Unfortunately, this festival has been canceled due to COVID-19. HCMEA would like to thank the students for their work to prepare their music, the guest conductors for their preparation and understanding, and Richfield Springs/Owen D. Young teachers, faculty, and staff who had already done so much logistical work to prepare for this festival.

We look forward to working together again soon.

Richfield Springs Central School District

Friday, March 20th & Saturday, March 21st, 2020

Paul Blake - General Chairperson

Roundtable selection meeting at CVA is TBA (January 2020)

High School Band

Andrew Pease - Conductor

Paul Blake - Chairperson

Junior High Chorus

Andrea Nitti - Counductor

Brittany Bertola - Chairperson

Elementary Band

KC Wolford - Conductor

Jessica Pollak - Chairperson