All - County II

Friday, March 18 & Saturday, March 19, 2016

West Canada Valley Central Schools

Elementary & High School Band rosters have been emailed to teachers.  Please check the lists and send corrections to Shane Bonney ASAP.  

NYSSMA Solo Festivals

Please see the NYSSMA link for information on the two local solo festivals.

NYSSMA Manual Edition 31 is the current edition (Blue & White colored pages) 

Edition 31 is in effect until the end of the Spring (June) 2018 NYSSMA Festival Season

What’s New In Edition 31

New ColorsBlue and white pages

Vocal Solos—The Vocal Books List has undergone a new numbering system. Please see pg. 7-3 in the Manual for more details. If you find any mistakes in the sources, please report them to me (manual@nyssma.org).

Jazz Solos—The Improvisation requirements been completely revised. Please be sure to look at page 9-3 if you are planning on sending students for a Jazz evaluation. A Lead Trumpet Skills Proficiency has been added – please see pgs. 9-1 and 9-2 for more details.

Piano Solos—This section has been redone and all piano solos are now listed by composer and work rather than by collection.

One other important noteEdition Musicus publications will not be in Edition 31 of the Manual (July 2015).  This includes the popular Ostrander arrangement of Honor and Arms.  At the time that the new Edition 31 was going to press, it was discovered that EM was out of business.  We knew that it would become increasingly difficult to obtain the music.  It would also be impossible to gain any permission to copy any music.  Because of this and because there were several EM items that were popular (i.e. Honor and Arms), we decided to remove all of them entirely.  Please don’t throw out your EM editions yet however……we recently were informed that a company has purchased EM.  If the music is in print and available next time, our plan is to reinstate most of EM’s music in Edition 32 (2018).   In the meantime, there will be no addendum for Edition 31.

This means: For all 2016, 2017, and 2018 festivals, Edition Musicus publications cannot be performed for a rating.